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Help decoding my 1936 Chrysler Airstream C8 Body ID Firewall Tag

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I have exhausted every online and personal source I have to decode this body ID tag for my 1936 Chrysler.  Can someone help guide me on decoding this ID tag?

Here are the things I understand:


C8CC indicates that I have a C8 Chrysler Convertible

1069 is the body sequence number?

104 = ? (Is this the paint code, and if so, what color is this?)

482 = ? (Is this the interior code, and if so, what interior should I have?)

DG = ? (Some option I assume, but I have no idea what option)

6WH = Dual side mount wheels

Job Number = ?  (Are these just some internal codes?_


Thanks so much in advance!


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   What a difference a year makes! My '35 tag clearly identifies which codes are which (CZ 4 door Touring, trim code is DG for Deluxe). I guess in '36, the layout changed (see what I mean in the picture).  I looked at my Dupont color charts for '36 Chrysler cars, and I see your car could be "Kiltie Green" or "Polo Green Metallic" though I doubt it is "Kiltie Green" as the fenders are supposed to be partially black if that were the case. What is curious though is the paint codes for these colors (309, 311, 312, 313) do not show up on your tag.  So the mystery deepens a little! On mine, paint code 213 corresponds to Viennese Blue which is correct for 1935. 


 I scanned that 1936 page here also, take a look, sorry it's an old book and the scan quality is poor. Hope this helps somewhat, and what a great car you have!




Body Tag.jpg

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Thanks so much Jonas!  You likely cleared up one code: DG. My convertible is a deluxe, so the DG stands probably stands for deluxe. 482 represents leather, but it was a code that was not associated with a specific leather color.  The paint is indeed polo green metallic (the firewall paint is original) but like you, I cannot locate a color that matches the number on my body tag.  We are getting close!  The DG is a big find for me.  Thank you so much!

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Another update... code 1xx is black for Chrysler for the years surrounding 1936, but is not listed as black for 1936.  I find it difficult to believe that Chrysler made palm green (the apparent color of my car) coded 104 for 1936 and black for all other years.  It is important to note that all greens are  coded 3xx for 1934-1937 (and probably other years).


I need to find a location on my car that would never have been painted and verify the color.... now to figure out where that location might be.


Oh the joy.  LOL.



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So..... I walk out to my car and find a location where the paint was cracking (several places on the front fender) and taking a knife point, lift the edge of one of the cracks... a large piece of paint lifted off.  Underneath?  The original black paint, scuffed up lightly, but with the original patina.  I am going to life the paint in a few other locations just to see what the original paint looks like underneath.  I will take some images and post them here.


Color code 104 = Black paint

Interior code 482 = Red leather interior

Code DG = Deluxe 8 cylinder

Code 6WH = Dual side mount tires


The only thing left is the original top color.


I must admit, I like black with red interior better than green with tan.  The car was going to be stripped anyway, so it will go back to black.



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