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Help decoding my 1936 Chrysler Airstream C8 Body ID Firewall Tag

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I have exhausted every online and personal source I have to decode this body ID tag for my 1936 Chrysler.  Can someone help guide me on decoding this ID tag?

Here are the things I understand:


C8CC indicates that I have a C8 Chrysler Convertible

1069 is the body sequence number?

104 = ? (Is this the paint code, and if so, what color is this?)

482 = ? (Is this the interior code, and if so, what interior should I have?)

DG = ? (Some option I assume, but I have no idea what option)

6WH = Dual side mount wheels

Job Number = ?  (Are these just some internal codes?_


Thanks so much in advance!


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Oh... and here are some pictures of the car:








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Just bumping this. I am still lost on decoding this tag. With help from Mark Becker and John Heimerl, I figured out that 6WH means 6 wheels, which means the dual sidemounts are factory.

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