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Heater hose brackets 1938 or similar

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Hi all,

looking for the heater hose brackets that sit on top of the rocker cover for my 1938 Special.

What I gather is that they bolt to the centre rocker cover stud and support the two hoses as they go over the cover. I understand there are two pieces, top and bottom. ( after all, it is a Buick)

If I can’t find a set, if someone could post a picture with dimensions, I may be able to make up a set as a stop gap.


many thanks,

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀

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Hi Rodney,    I have a 38-46s and my hearer hoses go downward along the bottom of the block and then go up to the inlet/out fitting  of the water pump.    I've seen several directions.    One ran along the side of the block just beneath the dist.     Have fun.......

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Posted (edited)

Hi Jim,

mine is factory RHD, hence heater is on LHS and inlet on RHS. I did see a bracket on one of the forum pics but can’t locate it. And this is a firewall mounted Buick heater, some had them under the seat!

tnx Rodney.

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