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1924 touring top


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Working on a 24 franklin touring. What type of material do you us that matches close to the org? My top was replaced once and it is a off white, not tan, or white. Body is burgundy,  what was the Orig? Thanks

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Only info is in the owner's manual, which says all Series 10 open car tops are "Permaflex". I've been unable to find out what that is. And known-to-be factory original tops are very rare.


I'd suggest getting in touch with Haartz and ask them. 978 - 264 - 2600


Eric Haartz has his grandfather's records  from back when they started in the early 1900's, including supplying some of the topping Franklin used. He's been doing a lot of research on early topping and collecting samples of known original materials. Haartz has duplicated some of the early patterns of topping material.



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I echo Paul's suggestion. There was a profile of Haartz in Hemmings Classic Car magazine a short time ago. If you buy material from them you know you will be getting the most authentic and best available made by the same company that made it when the cars were new over 100 years ago.  They produce their own top material and other 'soft' interior products in their own factories here and in Europe . I have been proud to have Eric Haartz as a friend for many many years.


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Yes, Eric is a great resource to us old car collectors.  The Permaflex that you reference is similar to one of the most common materials back then, Pantasote.  They were, as may top materials were then, a fabric coated with a rubberized layer, the fabric for strength, the rubberization for water proofing.  


Same process as used for vinyl now, such as Naugahyde, just a different coating now.


While Eric has some insights on this, what you get now, even what is called "replicated Pantasote", is still a vinyl type material.  I know of no source for material absolutely true to the original.


While not original, a lot of people go with Haartz/Stayfast cloth for tops, just because of ease of maintenance, and I've never heard of any points being taken off in judging by using that material.

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