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Unknown roadster body

Kean Thompson

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Perhaps if you gave some measurements such as the length of the rear quarter panel between the fender well and door opening, the width of the bottom edge at the rear , distance from bottom edge to cowl lower edge at door. This may enable some of us who own a roadster or know of one to compare size?  This is like asking for people to identify a wire wheel without giving any measurement as to over all diameter, or hubcap opening etc.  The more details you supply/provide the easier it may be to help you out as to the question of "what's zis?"

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This started out as a coupe body.

A roadster would have a nail flange at the upper beltline where the sheetmetal gets nailed to the wood framing. Instead there is a ragged cut sheetmetal edge.

Another clue is the 2 tabs with 3 holes each. This is where the vertical wood timbers that support the roof structure and form the sides of the rear window framing are fastened to the lower sheetmetal.



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