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I can’t believe I let go the parts car with this piece that I need now.  Need the turn signal level, screw in type, for the 50 model 51 with the Dyna. Don’t know what other models will fit.

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I have one,  the knob is sun bleached on one side but the chrome is not pitted.


Cost of shipping ($10 priority mail), and its yours.


PM your address.

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8 hours ago, Bill Stoneberg said:

@Elpad   Wondering if you want this ?

Thanks for the offer but I was able to fix mine. The shaft was broken in half about 1” from the base. I found the knob piece lying in a miscellaneous parts box and was able to remove the broken tube type piece from the screw in type base and insert the remaining knob shaft in place. Had to use a rubber mallet and strong force to slide into the small base shaft. The turn signal level is about 3/4” smaller in length but works and looks fine. I should have taken pictures of the process.

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