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Hello Old Buicks. It depends if it is an early, or a late 28 truck. If it is an early truck that should be the came length as a 27 car. If it is a late truck that would be the same length as a 28 car. Just like there are two lengths of 4 cylinder water pump in 28. Measure your spacing between the shoulder on the radiator and the shoulder on the cowl. From what we know now Chevrolet had succeeded Ford for the #1 auto manufacturing position when Ford had shut down to convert their factories from the model T to the model A. Not to loose that position Chevrolet made their transition from the 4 to the 6 in 2 years. In the 28 cars they extended the frame 4 inches and added 4 wheel brakes. The trucks changed in mid year, so the early trucks were a holdover from 27 and did not have 4 wheel brakes as far as I know. And they had the shorter hood. You might have better luck over on the VCCA web site. Send me a PM and I can send you a lead. Art

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This is Dale in Montana did you ever come up w a picture of a hood like you need for your truck ? Or measurements from your cal rib to Radator shell. If what you looks close enough to mine I will dig it out and check condition and measure from what I can see it has strange hold down brackets on it. 

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