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63 401 lifter cover


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Hello. Before i take the valve lifter cover off the 401 I would like to know if there is some kind of gasket

that goes between the lifter cover and the top of the block. Been reading my manuals and the forum but 

can't find info on this issue.


Thanks in advance.


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I agree whole heartily,   around me they are chain stores and are NOT locally owned. If any of them were, I certainly would be 

a customer.  


13 hours ago, telriv said:

Why not your local auto parts store??? MANY are still being run by the Mom's & Pop's that got America to where they are.


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On the other hand, find a parts jobber who has a manager who cares about helping you.  They have catalogs of parts that are not on the computer.  Get to be friends with the manager and have him let you look through the catalogs.  He'll special order for you if you're a good customer.  The big chain stores have long arms when it comes to vendors.



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There are fewer locally owned jobbers in my locale but they are out there. Failing that, I have several big Industrial Supply Companies dealing with everything under the sun including Automotive. One is especially good with helpful staff. I purchased GM Packard Electric Series 56 terminals, Series 58 terminals (for headlights) and automotive GXL Wire last week - in stock!

Also, a local purchase empowers the buyer to return a product if unsuitable.


Being on the wrong side of the border, I avoid online purchases. Also, I don't want to give any business to those Courier companies!


As for Gaskets, Still looking for a local Jobber that can source Best Gasket products.


John B.

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