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34 Pontiac drive train

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I'm posting this to help my father make space in his shop. He has an engine, transmission, torque tube, and rear axle for a 1934 Pontiac. He used to have a nice driving two door sedan and these were spare parts from another driving car that got hot rodded. We are not looking for maximum dollars, we would like them to go to a Pontiac enthusiast who could use them, or at least store them in a dry place. These parts are a package deal. They are located in central Texas, about an hour from both San Antonio and Austin. We are not interested in shipping these, local pickup only. They are on a smooth concrete floor and we have an engine hoist to get them into the back of your truck or trailer. Please message me if you are interested or call my father, Dave, at five one two three seven six eight four three nine.

Thank you,


34 Pontiac engine and transmission.jpg

34 Pontiac torque tube and rear axle.JPG

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