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'35-36 "D" Horn button and choke help

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Few things I could use some help with on a  '36 D618.

I need to replace the horn wire that runs down the steering column.....I'm assuming the bezel around the button is threaded on? Any tricks to getting this off?

Also, I'm looking for a picture of what the choke cable bracket should look like.... I think I have the correct carb (Carter 316S)




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Great!  Thanks for the pics.  Unfortunately, my trim ring wont budge.....you can't get a good grip on it to apply much torque, and after 80 some years it needs a little persuasion....I'll keep trying this weekend.

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Success! I used a piece of rubber to get a better grip on the bezel and off it came......ran a new wire down the steering column and cleaned all the contact surfaces so the horn works great now.

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Hupp36.......do you think I could trouble you to take another picture looking down on the Carb from above so I can get an idea of how the choke cable and bracket are oriented? 


From the numbers on my carb's tag (839987), it is a Carter W1, but off of a 42-48 Chevy, Kaiser, Plymouth or military application so that may be part of my problem. (Carter 574s for the Chevy vs. 316s that the Hupp is supposed to have)  The choke cable bracket I have may be for the Hupp or it may be for the Chevy.


Also, for the Choke on this carb to be open, I would have to pull the choke knob out on the dash which doesn't seem right ....i.e. i would think you would pull the choke knob to "choke it"





Thanks For any help or any ideas!

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A picture of the bracket on the carb should get me started.......I have a feeling that the orientation of the choke lever on the carb I have is different than what is needed for this car.  Some of the later versions of this used an automatic (heat  activated) choke which may be the easier way to go, and just have a non functional Choke knob on the dash.



Thanks for your help!

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