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Pennsylvania: EZ Pull & Save Auto Parts, New Ringgold


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What a great yard this is, so many cars it’s unreal. That being said, they brought a first gen Mustang in that had nothing on the car but the shell, one tailight and a fender. Picked pretty clean. Looks like another yard called them and was like “hey you want this hunk of metal we got out here? Pay us the scrap price and pick it up” The unreal thing is someone will need that fender, firewall, taillight or quarter panel. 

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A few years ago I went there with a friend who needed a gas tank for his 56 DeSoto project. He found one in mint condition from a 56 Chrysler and they even lifted the car up and set it on supports so he could remove it. He paid the $25 purchase price and went home a very happy camper. He also got a pair of rear leaf springs on a return trip. Most of the yard is pretty picked over but still worth a look. 

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