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The 2020 Reliability Tour will become the 2021 Vintage Tour. Thats assuming we have a 2021. It will be Reliability Car friendly and still have a challenge for the Vintage cars. Still being held in Lock Haven, Pa. with an overnight in Wellsboro, Pa. July 11 to July 16, 2021.

Bob Giles




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Sounds like fun!  Depending on how the calendar for the year turns out, we'll sure try to make this one if we can.  Our T sure would look good on that road!


Reliability Tour fording a stream 2014 Resized for Forum.jpg

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Count me in !

We had our reservations all set for when the Reliability Tour would have been hosted there this year three weeks from now,

and are looking forward to the venue next time around-


Thank you Bob !!

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Thank you for all your hard work organizing this year's Reliability Tour, Bob--I'm sorry the ongoing pandemic caused it to be cancelled, but members safety comes first.  Thanks also for "repurposing" your Reliability Tour planning into next year's Vintage Tour.  Marion & I are already looking forward to it.  And members with Brass Era cars who were disappointed by the cancellation of this year's tour will be happy that next year's Vintage Tour will be "Reliability friendly."

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On 7/2/2020 at 7:59 PM, Bob Giles said:

Marty, I told Barry to install a governor on the Hudson to slow you down.


Thanks Bob,


But this time we could drive either the '15 Hudson, 

or even the '30 Packard


Vroom, Vroom ??

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While exploring some back roads for the 2021 Vintage Tour, We found it comforting to know when you don’t have cell coverage, you can still find a working pay phone.


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