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1961 Dodge Lancer - $5000 - Rochester, NY - Not Mine

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1961 Dodge Lancer - $5000 - Rochester, New York


White, 1961 Dodge Lancer 4 door sedan, 170 inline motor, trim level—Polara, Floor 3 speed, 42,282 original miles. Upholstery has been replaced. Needs a battery and brakes.

Contact: copy and paste into your email:  5ddc2336fe873c33a0c0c0be6f4dcbc1@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest of stake in the eventual sale of this 1961 Dodge Lancer.

'61 Dodge Lancer CL NY a.jpg

'61 Dodge Lancer CL NY b.jpg

'61 Dodge Lancer CL NY c.jpg

'61 Dodge Lancer CL NY d.jpg

'61 Dodge Lancer CL NY e.jpg

'61 Dodge Lancer CL NY f.jpg

'61 Dodge Lancer CL NY g.jpg

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We had a 1961 Lancer that was a 2-dr. sedan with a pushbutton automatic, my mother drove it,  white with a red interior and was a slightly more upscale model than this one. It was a great little car and I wouldn't mind owning another one someday. 

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My 1960 Valiant V-200 with the slant-six and 3-speed Torque-Flyte was an upscale version, similar and extremely dependable. Handling was surprisingly good with the torsion bar front suspension, and I even rallye-drove it at some sporty car events while prepping the '59 Alfa-Romeo Giuliette Spyder Veloce for more important events.


The Valiant was different than the more normal-looking Falcon, but was a very nice driver.

This similar Lancer should make someone happy in a basic way.

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