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Hood ornament before/after


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On my second cup of morning coffee, still a little bored...got one more to share. 




The story on this one was when I got the car I absolutely loved the lit up chief's head. The original was chipped, crazed and cracked. I was on a budget replacing the mechanical system over winter and and was purchasing only what was needed. I had received CPR's catalogue at the time and noticed the ornament listed for $75. I was on the phone with the order desk and I inquired about it. They said, "ya, we got one on the shelf." I said, "throw it in the next shipment!" 

I'm actually quite impressed on quality and fitment. Not sure if it's the original colour but it sure looks darn good!




When I had told the wife what they wanted for one of these hood ornaments on ebay, she said, "you go out there and take it off right now before someone does it for you!" 




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Looks good- seems to be a little darker than original (mine lights up more yellow than orange) but it doesn't look out of place. I need to get me one really, mine looks like Clint Eastwood after he's been dragged across the desert...!

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