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Ron Lawson

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Here are 2 photos of my roadster.   First is from drivers side towards passenger side and second is from above.


Rods have hole in them for bolt to go through and a bend / notch just before bolt hole.


Let me know if you need anything else.


Also, let who ever owns the 29 Buick roadster know that there is "The 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club" for 1929 Buicks.  PM me or email me for details.


Bill McLaughlin

<Bill at 29Buick.ca>



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Thank you Bill Just what I need The owner gave me some 5/8 rod to make them out of Told him that it was way to thick and to take it home  He was  sure that it would be fine My reply was if I can't make them like or as close to original I wont do the job 

Oh I almost forgot What is the length of the rods Bill 

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Ron:  My rad. rod is 38 & 3/4" NOT including flattened length that has bolt hole and NOT including threaded part inside cowl (probably 3/4"+ from front bulging edge of cowl).  See pic.


My car is the model 44 with the master engine (water pipe on top of engine with 4 legs).


If the roadster you're working on is a model 24 with a standard engine (water pipe on front of head) the rad. rod is probably shorter.


I can give you some 24 owners names and emails if you want to contact.


Bill McL

Rad. Rod.jpg

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