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1951 Dodge Dim Rear Turn Signals

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My ‘51 Dodge Meadowbrook has very dim rear turn signals when the tail lights are on. They are almost unrecognizable. Were these directionals dim from the factory or were they clear and recognizable like today’s turn signals? When the taillights are not on you can see the turn signal clearly but when the taillights are on the turn signal doesn’t make a bright enough light for the signal to be obvious. Unless you are really focusing on it it doesn’t even look like it is on. I know that some people are suggesting LEDs and I’m not sure which to go with since this is a positive ground system. Any suggestions on the current dim situation would be appreciated. Any ideas on the correct LED bulb I would need is helpful too. 

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Modern double filament bulbs are oriented in the socket and can only be installed one way.Some of the six volt double filament bulbs can be installed either way. Maybe the brighter of the two filaments is wrongly attached to the running light rather than the turn signal. The sockets could also be hooked up wrong.  Checking for bad grounds and dirty connections is a really good idea. Also check that the generator is putting out properly.

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