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'55 Dodge Coronet Hardtop in Hemmings -- Not Mine

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This looks like an awfully nice deal, asking $15,200 obo.  Brand new interior, rebuilt engine, chrome and paint look good.  Another solid MoPar.
















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The car sat idle and neglected for 40 years, the seller

says;  then he got it operational and has driven it for

200 miles.  How can he call this a "great daily driver"

when he certainly hasn't driven it much to test it?

And does he expect someone to use this as a regular

car, and not preserve it?


I agree that the single-tone paint color looks good on this Dodge,

and thanks, Neil, for sharing the ad.  I hope it goes to someone

who can enjoy it and keep it nice. 

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While I agree that the design is Semi hemispherical.

These "A"engines were never represented as such by the manufacturer to my knowledge. (correct me if I am wrong)

They were made in 277-301-318 cid.

They are referred to in the Chrysler engine book as "old style" as people seem to get  "A" and "LA" confused.

It is a single rocker shaft engine and in fact are no slouch, but I see ads all the time referring them as being Hemis. The real Hemi engines have two rocker shafts on each head.

That is why the heads are so wide.

The old style is unique in that the rockers for the intake valves are on the opposite side of the shaft as the exhaust valve rockers.


This is indeed a nice looking example of an early Dodge V8 car.

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Yes, I have seen where a guy would change pistons and heads to make a Hemi.

I think its the intakes that will interchange as well but not the exhaust.

I am more in tune with the Chryslers rather than the Dodges. (or DeSoto's)

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