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1979 Lincoln Versailles - $4400 - Essex, CT - Not Mine - No Brickbats, Please

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1979 Lincoln Versailles - $4400 - Essex, CT


1979 Lincoln VersaillesBorn in Wayne, NJ for the Boston sales office, this car was originally purchased new by George from Old Saybrook, CT, who put the lion's share of the 52,000 miles on it. In 1988 it was then bought by John and Joan of Essex, CT who drove it roughly 12K miles and then Herb, also in Essex, acquired the car in 2000 and has driven about 5000 miles in the last 20 years. Herb has maintained full registration and insurance on the car and has done regular maintenance such as oil changes, tires, shocks; recently it had a new gas tank installed and exhaust work.

The Versailles was brought into the Lincoln line (from the Mercury Monarch/Ford Grenada line) as a way to compete with Cadillac and their new mid sized cars and to help with fuel mileage ratings.
The Versailles stood out from it's Ford brethren with the use of special vinyl roof options, 4 wheel disc brakes, isolated shock absorbers, "matched and balanced" drivetrain components and a heightened quality control regimen, among other things. It was also the first production car to have clear coat paint.

This car still has it's original Diamond Blue Iridescent Metallic paint, but the aforementioned clear coat has crazed, the leather Wedgewood Blue bucket seats and interior is in near mint condition, along with the Cartier clock. This has a Cavalry Twill Coach vinyl top, also in Diamond blue. The AM/FM/MPX 8 track stereo works well as do the other accoutrements such as power windows, power door locks, power driver seat, remote mirror, cruise control, accent lights. The Air Conditioning is currently NOT operational.The 302 V8 puts it's 133 HP through a Ford C4 auto transmission and out to a Ford 9" rear end, set with 2.47 gears, to maximize fuel efficiency.The car runs and drives as it did in 1979 and may respond to some color sanding and polishing to bring the paint back.  They made 21,007 Versailles in 79 and only 50,000 total, so you won't see too many out and about. If you're looking for a fun, luxurious sedan to cruise in and an inexpensive way into the auto-enthusiast world, here's your chance.

Asking price is only $4400. Questions, for many more photos and video, to schedule test drive/viewing, or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for the interest.

Contact: Copy and paste into your email:


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1979 Lincoln Versailles.  No brickbats, please.  

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT a.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT aa.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT b.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT c.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT d.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT e.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT f.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT g.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT h.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT i.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT j.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT k.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT l.jpg

'79 Lincoln Versailles CL CT m.jpg

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Hey, a very affordable way to get into an old car in nice original condition. Looks comfortable, too.

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My wife's uncle had one back then. They got a lot of sh*t because they looked too much like a Granada but it was actually a pretty nice car - 4 wheel disc brakes, leather interior and clearcoat paint. He did have a lot of trouble with the fuel system, either early EFI or a computer controlled carb.

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Boy, ditto on the fuel/carb deal.


We had a '78 in burnt orange/electric pumpkin model and it was never right after 5 years or so.


Rode really well, but I couldn't get my 6'4" fram comfortable most of the time.

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At $4400 it seems like a decent price for a really unique car. You'd have the only one at nearly any show out there. 

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