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Early DB license plate bracket location

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I'm not 100% sure, but I think the Screen Side would have used the same license plate support, going across the spare tire mount, as the rest of the DB lineup used.  In the attached picture of the rear of my pretty original and correct '22 touring, the stop light (that the state of California first required in 1924, and which the original owner added at that time) is the red one below the yellow running light in the official Dodge Bros. accessory rear light enclosure.  Another accessory, aftermarket "stop" light is mounted below the factory stop light because it better grabbed your attention.  The red-dot reflector is another period accessory item.


Oops, forgot about the Screen Side's side-mounted spares.

DB rear.jpg

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I think this was just common practice back in the day if you did not have a bracket. My touring was missing the spare tire bracket when I bought it (even though it is basically a straight bar of metal) and the owner just drilled a hole in the center of the left fender. Remember this is not a brake light, just a lamp and the only one on the rear.

Most DB cars and trucks had *some* kind of mount for the plates and lights. I suspect there is a bracket for this but I think it will take time to reveal itself....

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I'm not sure if this is original this screenside did come off a dairy farm and production was June 1917 and factory records show production didn't start till October 1917 and this screenside does have parts that were changed by the time production started. I do have pictures when I first got the screenside in 1979 but they are from a cheap film canister aqnd are up in  the attic in about 6 pear boxes.   The light housing  light opening for the license plate is at the side not over the license plate, I did check the license plate holes do fit a 1923 Oregon license plate and when found it had a 1954 Oregon plate on it. There os a hole on the bottom of the bed that could of had a strap that went down and this bracket was mounted to it there is marks to possibly support this.






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