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1948 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible - $5800 - ME - Not Mine

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1948 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible - $5800 - Maine - Project  


Original V12 motor. Car runs beautifully. Have many extra parts. Would make a great restoration project. Can hear it run when you come up.

Call Tom (207) 4-thirty-two-443-eight


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1948 Lincoln 'Zephyr' convertible. 

Note: 1946-'48 non-Continental Lincolns were no longer promoted as Zephyrs through were continuation of that series in all but name.   Production numbers for these is unknown, but they're survival rate is extremely low.  Ironically, there are likely twenty restored 1946-'48 Lincoln Continental cabriolets for every one of these in any condition.

'48 Lincoln conv a.jpg

'48 Lincoln conv b.jpg

'48 Lincoln conv c.jpg

'48 Lincoln conv d.jpg

'48 Lincoln conv e.jpg

'48 Lincoln conv f.jpg

'48 Lincoln conv g.jpg

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My favorite car is the '40-'41 Continental Cabriolet, but I think I prefer the Zephyr in the postwar years.  Neat car!  The weird half (three-quarters?) of me would buy it, spiff up the interior a bit, get a set of tires, make sure it's safe, and drive it around as-is.  It probably deserves a restoration, but beaters like that call out to me loudly.  

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