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Washington State: All-American Classics, Vancouver

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For those of you with access to Instagram-checkout: allamericanclassicsinc (All American Classics Inc). This would appear to be a salvage yard in Vancouver focusing on vehicles from the 1930s-1980s. They have started running a weekly video where they will crush an old car every Friday - on June 5 it was a turquois 4 door Edsel. This week it was an old square body Suburban, the week before a big 1960s gm wagon. In their defense it looks like they do run a "last call" post a week or two before they crush the car but it's just sad to see. I can't believe they would crush all those little late 60's early 70's Datsun/Toyota pickups, they are quickly becoming a hot ticket in my neck of the woods. Anyhow, maybe somebody will see something on their page they could use and spare it from the crusher.

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Vancouver land has become a VERY valuable commodity. From what I have been told the widow of the original owner is selling the land so the wrecking yard will be reduced to the 5 acres included with the shop.  A prime example of a "fire sale", everything must go. Art

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