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They broke the record

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From what I can make out in her picture she has been awarded:

Navy "E" (excellence) Division award, Good Conduct, National Defense Service, Terrorism Service, Humanitarian Service, Expert Rifle, Expert Pistol.  I'm sure you're quite proud of her accomplishments.


The top insignia I believe is either a "Tin Can" (Destroyer) or Frigate ship assignment service award....not sure, though. 

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She puts  everything that she has into everything that she does and always does it with a smile.  I am proud of all of my children but she has a special place in my heart because of her commitment play everything she does

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1 hour ago, roadmaster29 said:

Yes sonar operator as well as qualified to service all aspects of sonar.


She's obviously a smart cookie -- the AN/SQQ-89 was designed by GE (now Lockheed Martin) in Syracuse.  They still perform final system integration and testing at Electronics Park.

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She will be leaving the Navy this fall because she has accepted an offer from NOAA another uniformed agency of the government to go through officer training and is looking forward to this new challenge. I don't think I could have ever done one basic training let alone two but she's already training her body and mind for the new challenge. 

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