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1932 1933 and 1934 Greyhound radiator caps

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Now you don’t have to keep looking at that broken tail on your old, beat up greyhound!!

1934 Greyhounds

Molded from an excellent 86 year old original greyhound from my collection,  the mold process captures all the fine details to create a beautiful centerpiece for your 1934 Ford. Cast in solid bronze, then carefully triple chrome plated to the highest standard. The finished product fits perfect, and looks great on the car.


The features of the free standing tail, feet, face, Patent number, are all just like the original.  Compare these to cheap repops where the front feet look like they are wearing boxing gloves, and the tail is stuck to the body.


1933 Greyhounds
To create the '33s, I used an original 1933 radiator cap, and a new cast body from one of the '34s, to create a '33 radiator cap with free standing tail! These also mount and perfectly.   To sure any other place you can buy a quality ‘33 Greyhound.

1932 Greyhounds
To create the '32’s, I used an original 1932 radiator cap, and a new cast body from one of the '34s, to create a '32 radiator cap with free standing tail! These also mount and fit perfectly, and look spectacular on your Deuce. 


Made in USA, and full money back guarantee.



$775 each, includes ground shipping to lower 48, also available brand new mounting kit: $20

Please call now with questions: (831) 375-7363  E-mail: fullscalemodels@yahoo.com














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