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Hi Guys,

Even though I have Buick's 1941 shop manual, which leaves a lot to be desired, I understand that the later manuals like 1942, etc. are much more in depth and many procedures are the same for 1941. My question is, I can get the 42 manual or , there is a 42-47 manual for a few bucks more but is one more in depth as far as procedures go than the other. Thanks in advance.

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I have seen the 1942 shop manual online for free download in a couple places. Unfortunately you must download one page at a time. If you are looking for information on only one system that is easy to do. Go to this link: http://buick.oldcarmanualproject.com/manuals/1942/Buick shop manual/index.html#google_vignette.  I attached a sample page to this posting.

The Old Car Manual Project site that hosts the manual is, in my opinion, a legitimate site. They fully discuss contribution guidelines. I once tried to get copyright information from GM regarding some 1941 material I owned. Over a period of several months I made phone calls, was referred to the proper office, and submitted written inquiries. I was ignored ... only got as far as a secretary. Her boss was unresponsive and never answered phone messages either.


Regarding a ‘42-‘47 manual, I have not seen that. I believe a new one was issued each year.



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Buy a '42' manual.   Get a 47 manual.   I have 6 manuals,  35, 36, 37, 38, 47 and a 53.    Every year was amazing changes Buick did to make them better.    When I have a question,  I look in several for the answer.     I found that sometimes an earlier manual will give you an answer because those mechanics could not fix something our modern way but they were given a solution using what they had.   Sometimes a later gave the best solution.   Depends on problem.   Having at least three of these ie:   38, 42,  and 47 (maybe 53 - last of the straight 8 engines)  will give you a good solution.    I learned from my 38,  47, and 53 the best way to rebuild a rear end and how.   You will need some new instrumentation  ( a good  1/2" torque wrench, dial indicator  (with mag base would be very nice - used is good)  dial caliper reading out in .001" minimum tick's. ( 0.100" per revolution ) , With that one, you can interpret to half thou. (.0005).   A good battery drill w/18 or 20 volt battery (NOT CHINESE).   I now can tell you and do a pinion bearing change.   Check main bearings with green  plastigage,  (I also have a trusted machinist).   I am of the 'been there - done that" type guy now.    I'l help anyone who has a question,  if I have no answer,  I will send you to someone who can.    Our Buick club is a fantastic learning club.      I have a '38-46s' that I can travel with.   My longest trip was 1800 + miles.    BTW,  I'm a fan of over drives so traveling 65 mph at 2350 rpm is a no sweat issue.    You can do it or find a friend who can help / do it.   

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