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I'm trying to make the wooden frame. I don't know exactly how the two rear crossbars are attached to the side members
Has anyone ever done this work?


traverses plancher arrière 1.jpg

traverse arrière 2.jpg

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     Hi, Attached is a link to my wood assembly file for my 1925 Buick Standard.  I made these files several years ago, but never took the time to convert the files so that I could post them.   If you look thru my files it should explain how the 2 rear cross members are attached to the frame.


All frame attachment - each frame resting place uses a reinforced rubber mounting pad between the frame and the wood.  All the pads are the same except the rear board pads are longer.  They did use 1/4" wood shims in a few locations.   

The first photo posting shows the 3rd, 4th, and last cross bar from the underside of the board.  The second photo shows a side view of how the sill elevation was assembled to raise up over the back axle.  These are the last 3 cross members.  

On my car, the rear frame goes straight back after rising up for the rear axle.  It looks like your car drops backs down, so a little different.  It looks like you have a good start on putting the wood frame back together.  

I have information on where to purchase the reinforced rubber. 


This shows some of the body assembly as well


What year is your Buick? 




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Good morning

thank you very much for your pictures
I will take the time to study them
My Buick is a 1934 sedan 67

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