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vacuum starter linkage question,35 buick

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My experience is with the 1941 only:

With the ignition switch off push the pedal to the floor once or twice.


For cold engine turn on ignition and depress accelerator half way. Engine starts.

For warm engine: turn on ignition and depress pedal to floor and hold until it starts.


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I have the same problem if I leave the car sitting for over 7 days. My solution is to prime the carburetor.

I remove the float sight screw from the side of the front carburetor and trickle in a few ounces of gasoline.

I use a plastic soda straw (end cut on an angle) as a funnel. I also place a rag around the carburetor while

pouring to catch the screw in case I drop it. I have not dropped it yet. The car starts easily.

This is much safer than pouring fuel down the throat of the carburetor.

Also to help starting I installed new 00 thickness positive and negative battery cables.

One other trick is to add a separate cable from the starter mounting bolt to the chassis. That 

improves its ground connection. I have not done that yet.


Ken Carr

Fuel Supply apparatus.JPG

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i have an electrical fuel pump on my 40 buick with footpedal start. It starts great since fuel will be filling the floatchamber on ignition, but i now have the only issue that it looks like i have to much fuel pressure. hard to calibrate the carb and unburned fuel in exhaust

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