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55 minutes ago, Pilgrim65 said:

Thanks , rare or common survivor? Where they built  RHD or possible conversion at some time ?

yes not bad shape , interior good but doubt original , will take further photo in a day or to 


Essex were sold in New Zealand RHD.  My grandfather had one.

Plates may be from UK.  For a low value car shipping costs would be high % of value






International Production

Essex motor vehicles were either exported as complete cars or locally-built from knock-down kits in many countries making the Essex marque well-known internationally as well as domestically. Essex vehicles were locally-built in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.



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1 hour ago, dc-8dave said:

Hello Pilgrim65,

                              For your information during 1929 the Untied States exported 9,422 cars to England, 7,512 cars to New Zealand, 21,345 cars to South Africa and 33,802 cars to Australia. In Australia most of these cars were knock-down chassis with fenders, the bodies were built in Australia but there were a few fully assembled cars imported from the USA, most were high end cars. Yes, all of these cars and chassis were built in the USA in right hand drive form then exported. 

Thanks for information, surprisingly high numbers exported , the dealerships in those countries appear to have been more successful  in those days at selling American cars than today , can only speak for what I see in Uk rarely see a new American car ., although I like many , thunderbird , corvette ,ford 4x4 pick up dual cab , caddy also looks good .i

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Keep in mind that most US designed cars are too wide for European roads or parking just as many Americans are too wide for European seating. Is easy to spot the Caddys that began as Opels. And then there is the '00s GTO that began as RHD (look where the ABS unit is).

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Essex was Hudson's popular priced offering, selling against Chevrolet and other lower priced cars. In those days Hudson was considered an expensive car, and some models sold for more than a Cadillac. Essex started out in 1919  as a four cylinder companion car to Hudson and got a six cylinder engine later.

Essex big claim to fame, was the Essex Coach, the first closed car that sold for the same price as a touring car. In those days sedans typically sold for a lot more than open cars, in the lower priced lines the difference could be as much as a 50% higher price.  In the early twenties Essex had considerable vogue, and was one of the best selling cars. For several years it was third in sales behind Ford and Chevrolet.

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