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1948 DeSoto wiring harnesses, old and repro

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Cool video.  You mentioned you got the replacement harness in the 80s...what's it been doing in the box for so long??  Are you bringing your project back to life.  Coincidentally you mentioned that the boot covers were impossible to get.  I just got replacements from Dennis Bickford for my '48 Chrysler.  I'm assuming a ton of parts were interchangable.  They look exactly alike with the exception of the "tab" on yours but I think they would be functionally identical  I should say I think the "tab" is missing but I would have to take a closer look at what I received.  RI Wiring has harnesses for Desotos too in case you need something additional.  I have my original wiring harness that I"m keeping for reference as well.

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