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WTB Chevy Apache, dual headlight years

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Would like an original as possible truck.  Safety upgrades are ok.  Not show quality, just a driver.  Rust is ok as long as it’s not too bad.  Faded paint, bad seat ,etc is OK.  Would like to keep purchase under $4k.  Live In East Tennessee.

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I have this 1960 Apache. No engine or radiator,has a 4-speed hanging in it and includes a V-8 bellhousing. Neat period flatbed,side racks are firewood,really neat grill guard. Some rust. Later seats,probably out of one of the late owners Oldsmobiles. The left wing window is broken but two complete ones are included. Needs tires. Good title. Like to get $950. Holler if interested. Steve 307-630-7838.






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