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2 x 55 Buick Grill Curved Shields

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After searching all my chrome parts it appears I'm missing the 2 curved shields that partly surround the left and right Dagmars/Bullets at each end of the 55 Buick Grill

Either I've lost them when cleaning up or they never came back from the Chrome Plater with the grill......lesson learned......always take photos of what you drop off and pick up.


I need a left and a right (if they differ)......Not sure if they are chrome or stainless, maybe someone can clarify that for me.

Either way I need a shiny straight set...........so can someone help me with a nice pair at a reasonable price?


To be clear I don't need the Grill......only the curved metal trim/shield as pictured.


55 Buick Grill Shield.jpg

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