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1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe - Tribute Car - MA - Not Mine - 6/30 Price Increase & SOLD!

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For Sale on Craigslist  1954 Chrysler New Yorker Hemi Deluxe Tribute car in Belchertown, MA  -  $14,000  -  Call Chris   413   575-8600


                                                                                                             On 6/30, Seller increased price to $14,900




Seller's Description:

Originating from San Francisco this beautiful turquoise 1954 New Yorker was commissioned with one other 1954 New Yorker on or about 1995, coupled with with the creation of the factory sanctioned "Chrysler Historic Racing".

The intent of the creation of the two Chrysler Hemis was for their participation to run in historical automotive events and rallys by a renowned and famous SF auto aficionado who created and owned this one, part of his collection of over 40 plus classics. The two 1954 Chryslers have identical beautifully painted graphics honoring those individuals who raced the 1951-1954 Hemi powered cars. There are only two known to exist with this historical events provenance. The other Chysler is owned in the San Francisco Bay area by a gentleman who recently reached out to me, and who races and rallies in historic events. It was very interesting to learn the back story of these two unique cars.

These Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe cars can best be defined as a Tribute cars. They are truly a beautiful, unique, and classic, architecturally interesting creation of iron and steel. You will not find another one like it.

Having existed in California for most of its time, the overall condition of the Chrysler is excellent, unlike most classics which originated and existed in the Northeast drawing closer to iron oxide each day.

This beautiful turquose (Glasier Blue) New Yorker participated in the California Mille Miglia, La Carrera Nevada, ( I have the website of this race, and photos of the New Yorker participating in it) factory sanctioned Chrysler Historic Racing events and many others. I have a wonderful correspondences regarding the Chrysler's history from the previous owner's son, again a very notable automobile aficionado in the industry.

The 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe qualifies for many historical events such as the aforementioned as well as the Italian Mille Miglia the 1000 mile historical race, run from Rome to Brescia.

Powered by a 331 c/i Hemi, it runs wonderfully with a exhilarating exhaust note and timbre from its dual exhaust.


A very original car in many respects, including the workers chalk marks in a couple of places at time of its production in 1953-1954.
Very nicely documented with a portfolio of receipts, photos, workshop manuals and a clear title.

For more information, I may be contacted exclusively by TELEPHONE ONLY.
**Please, NO TEXTS. Respectfully texts will not be replied to. Serious buyers always have conversations with sellers.  Shown by appointment. Serious inquiries appreciated.

If you are reading this ad, it is available. You needn't inquire as such. I cancel my advertisements immediately after sale.  Thank you for the interest, and enjoy the photos.  $14,000 or Best Offer.















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I don't recall two being built by Martin Swig, the "afficionado" you seem to reference.   I recall him having one coupe and it was a '52 Saratoga and the shop that did race prep are friends of mine.  What documentation do you have?  "Chrysler Historic Racing" is a run of decals Swig made up just for fun, no sanctioning by Chrysler was ever claimed to my knowledge.

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On 7/1/2020 at 2:33 PM, Yellowriv said:

Interesting sales strategy, based on a $900 price increase in 7 days, in another month it will cost an additional $3,857.


Don't forget that Massachusetts is one of the legal weed states so that may have something to do with the price increase instead of reduction.... :D

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