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dual quad 455


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my 455 is running out of gas at the top end when i race at the track, i was told the 750 wasnt getting enough fuel to the motor.

my question is if one 750 isnt enough then wouldnt two do the job?

or would two 750's be TOO big?

couldnt the carbs be jetted down a little to the right size, they are edelbrock part #1407



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You may be running out of fuel because the fuel pump can't feed the engine enough. I had the same problem with two of my Buicks,and installed the fuel pump for the Stage one engine,which has a larger capacity, and solved the problem. Installing more carbs will just accentuate the problem

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sounds more like the fuel pump cant supply enough fuel,you shoudl be running a holley blue pump electric and have at least 1/2 inch fuel line from back to front.try this before you spend big bucks on an intake.

fellow buick owner

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the only downside to a holley pump is that they are pretty noisy. I just put one on my car and I will be taking it off because it is pretty annoying. get a stage 1 pump and run a regulator. My problem was my crappy mechanical pump broke and chewed the front of the cam up so instead of replacing the cam I put in a electric pump..


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