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1928/29/30 Chrysler Side mount hardware


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Clearing out some excess parts. I have what I believe to be side mount hardware for a 1928 or 1929 Chrysler.

(1) One set is complete with the fire wall mounting brackets. May be missing the wheel clamp. $150.00 plus shipping. 

(2) One set of 28/29 side mount posts with support brackets only. $100.00 plus shipping. 

(3) 1930 & 31? side mount posts as shown. One has frame mount. $100.00 plus shipping

(4) 1930/31 DeSoto/Chrysler/Plymouth rear spare tire support $25.00 plus shipping

aaca rear mount bracket.jpg

aaca side mount 2.jpg

aaca side mount 3.jpg

aaca sidemount1.jpg

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