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I need to buy a speedometer cable .......  with the housing if that is how you need to sell it... but my cable is broken it measures 67 "  Maybe the 1929 0r 1931 series 130"s and 150"s are the same...?   I don't know.  But if you have one, you are willing to part with, I would like to buy it... Contact  sunnybabaspirit@yahoo.com

sunny wc.jpg

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Sunny, Look on ebay and buy a universal cable . Pull both ends of the broken out of housing and crimp the original ends onto the new cable after cutting it to the correct length. Make sure you oil the housing. Not a big deal. Good luck to you.

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Great to have you still working with your Franklin. I was afraid we lost you.

you won't find a simpiler car to keep running.

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