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Buick Riviera 1965 GS

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Mr. or Mrs. Zarmakedon, since words on the forum are free,

why don't you give more information HERE?  Much more 

thorough description, asking price, location, etc.


Entice the buyer, and, being honest, make him want your Riviera!

The market is not such that any car listed for sale is going

to attract a new owner.


All the best to you in your sale.

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Location in Elyria Ohio. I got this car 5 year ago with hope to restore one day.  After three  children and  lot of stuff go in on lock like not possible for me  to start on this project. I don't want to start  work on something witch I cannot finish.  Price is $7000 .  Good  engine and transmission Windows motors are all hire and most of the window works, You can drive the car but I take out the gas tank because was so rust and I use  1 gal . gas tank just to run and drive on  my street. Floor is rusted and need replace, all flor panel and trunk panel.  When you turn defferential both wheels turn in same direction have lx cod all detail for GS. If somebody is real interested I can contact on Messenger, Skype or Telegram  and show everything he want on camera.





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