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The filler plug is right on top of the shock, you'll see it easily. It's the only thing on top of the shock that you can unscrew, usually a small 5/16" or 3/8" hex plug. Unscrew it and you can fill the shock. Be careful not to chew it up, they're often brass. Acceptable oils include jack oil, hydraulic fork oil for motorcycles (available in multiple viscosities from most auto parts stores), or this stuff, which is what I use in my '41.




The ISO 100 is the thickest, and I use it in the rear shocks, but you can also get 32, 46, and 68. I run ISO 32 in the front and 100 in the back. Thicker will increase damping and I haven't seen any real decrease in ride quality by going thicker in back. The rear was too floaty with people in the back seat.


I fill my shocks still on the car using a regular oil can with a hose from the auto parts store:



Hope this helps.

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