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Mid-1930's DODGE Splash Pan I.D. Help

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Hi, Gang. I just came upon two mystery splash pans among my old Dodge goodies I haven't looked at in nearly 15 years? They had been previously neatly wrapped in protective material.....obviously by me.  I'm thinking these two splash pans are either from the 1935 DODGE, KC half-ton pick-up I owned back in the day.....or the 1937 D5 business coupe I also owned at the time.


What "scares" me is that I obviously restored both of these pans back in the day. They are super straight, rust-free, and sporting very nice black paint.


I'd appreciate any help in identifying these two splash pans. Thanks in advance! John



041 (800x470).jpg

045 (800x443).jpg

047 (800x494).jpg

048 (800x509).jpg

029 (800x506).jpg

033 (800x600).jpg

037 (681x800).jpg

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And, thank you, John M. I'm beginning to wonder if these two pans perhaps are from one of my other old car projects years ago. I can't imagine why I wouldn't have installed them at the time, however. After all, they are straight, painted, and ready to bolt on. I'll keep thinking about these....darn, I was sure they were from one of my Dodges years back. John K.

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Thank you for the input, Torry and zuodar. I appreciate you both taking the time to help. With some help over on the Dodge Trucks forum, we're thinking the first part pictured above is a radiator splash apron (or shield) for a 1935 Dodge KCL 1/2 ton pick-up. John

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