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We got that email too.   Here it is.





June 20, 2020


Dear Gliddenite,


We have been working very hard to preserve the 2020 Revival AAA Glidden Tour and a grand celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Revival. I am sad to say that due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and lack of guidance from New York State, we must in good conscience, cancel the Tour.


This has been an agonizing decision and one that involved hours of discussion trying to explore how to make it happen. In coming to this decision, we considered first and foremost, the health and welfare of our participants and volunteers. In addition, we considered:

·         the still unknown restrictions that will be in place for hotels, restaurants, museums, caterers, parks, etc. at the time of the Tour

·         cancellations by a few venues due to COVID-19 guidelines

·         unknown restrictions and recommendations that will be in place for people in large groups at the time of the Tour

·         the ability to manage a group of 300-400 people attending banquets, coffee stops, and lunches with probable social distancing guidelines in effect

·         the ability to manage a schedule that involves moving 300-400 people from venue to venue each day given what restrictions are in place at the time

·         the ability to manage a hospitality room given what restrictions will probably be in place at the time

·         budgetary implications from reduced attendance due to COVID-19


After a year and a half, I worked with optimism through March, April, May, and early June hoping that we could manage all the things that are required to make this tour happen. But, with so many “balls up in the air”, and the “domino effect” of one decision on another, it has become impractical to ensure a complete, robust, and memorable celebration.  Unfortunately, hotels and museums remain closed while they are awaiting guidance from the state. Some museums and vendors have also advised me that they cannot accommodate our group.


We will be issuing a refund to all registrants. It will be as much as possible subtracting a minimal amount for any non-recoverable monies already spent for items, deposits, etc. Once the computation is made, you can expect to receive your refund via US Mail.


Again, we regret that we will not be able to gather in September. We wanted to make the 75th a truly memorable celebration of the best antique car tour in the hobby and apologize for being unable to do that.


Looking forward to the next time we can be together “down the road”.



Bill Preston, Tour Director


Thanks to Bill Preston and all who helped him in this project!   We look forward to seeing all the Gliddenites next years Glidden Tour

when this pandemic is old news.

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Heartfelt thanks to Bill and his group.  If you have ever helped with a tour or National meet you know the thousands of hours that went into this effort.  Knowing what a mess New York State has been in regarding Covid-19 I was never optimistic that they would be able to pull it off.  Again Thank You for stepping up to the plate.  It sounded like a wonderful venue that we were  all looking forward too.  "Better Safe than Sorry", there will be a "tomorrow"  My wife is laying awake at night trying to decide how to spend all the money we are saving by not traveling or eating out!!!

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I know that Bill Preston has worked long and hard, and has personally sacrificed, along with his committee, in their hopes of hosting what would have been a spectacular 75th Anniversary AAA REVIVAL GLIDDEN TOUR, and that Saratoga Springs, NY would have been an exemplary area for we Gliddenites to relish. There was even a fantastic "SPA DAY" for the Fair Sex, planned by Pam Robinson.


Good judgement, indecision on the part of multiple venues, state and local governmental restrictions, along with our safety in mind resulted in the regrettable cancellation.


My hope is that the event may be re-staged at some future time, but more importantly,

I want Bill as Tour Director, Nancy as Registrar, and all who gave of their own time and resources to know how much Dale and I appreciate them.


"We'll meet again,

Don't know where,

Don't know when ...

... Some Sunny Day"

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