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Apologies in advance - this post has been removed

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Prairie Dogs!  An interesting animal series on PBS uses spy animals to get inside the colonies/groups of many animals, plus an array of related cameras, in Africa.  The spies are life-like enough that they are accepted into the family.  On the segment with spy prairie dog, cutest thing to see them kissing when the male returns to his female.  Amusing, though, when a "visiting male" makes whoppi with a female, to be "run out of town" by the male as the female quickly retreats down into the den!  Very interesting commentary!




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On 6/20/2020 at 2:10 AM, RivNut said:


removed because it might cause a fence ? 

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2 hours ago, buick5563 said:

Took me til Lamar said something to get this. 
Holy cow.

I’m not expecting such a dad joke homerun on the forum. 


I didn't get it until your post made me look at Lamar's and then Ed's again...

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