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1948 Studebaker Convertible - MO - Not Mine

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For Sale on Craigslist  1948 Studebaker Champion Convertible in Springfield, Missouri  -  $18,500  -  Contact Greg   417  619-7977


Link:  https://springfield.craigslist.org/cto/d/springfield-1948-studebaker-convertible/7144885776.html


Seller's Description:

This car is an older restoration and is in great shape. Starts, runs and drives like its supposed to. Shows 42,000 miles. Original 6 cyl and three speed on the column. Always garaged. You won’t be disappointed.














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Cool car , but think seat  treatment, not right,  looks a bit brass era . Also studebaker must have liked that bright yellow as looks the same as a 55 ,  ie 7 years later which I really liked , it was posted on here in the  last week or so.

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Agree that the interior is not period-correct, BUT ...

The correct leather, (or naugahyde/vinyl), while more functional; for an open car, and especially when it gets wet, looks and feels grrrrrreat -

UNTIL the car has been sitting - top-down - in the sun - for hours, and then you and your bride/fiancee/favorite squeeze jump in wearing bermuda shorts, cut-off Levis, tank-top )or no shirt at all), or some other garment, and learn the immediate pain of seared flesh !


Sure, the velour fabric of the '70s, and the drawing room elegance of the buttoned-tufted design are incorrect -

but, hey, is will be more comfortable at your next Cruise-In - especially if not being judged at a national level.

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Marty speaks the truth about jumping in a car with an top down that has let the sun cook /warm/roast the interior fabric - especially if the covering is leather. I had a pre war town car and used to leave the top over the chauffeur's compartment open because it not only looked good but also saved a lot of effort closing it all in. Black interior in the sun - did wonders to give me a very wide eyed and open mouth look when I hopped in and sat down after the car sat in the sun . That experience can turn a singer who is a baritone into a high soprano in seconds. 🤪

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I've had convertibles with black interiors and got the thigh scorch to prove it, but tilting the seat back forward and/or a towel are  much better solutions than stealing a 1978 Monte Carlo interior.

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Bryan - I resorted to using a large towel as you mention to offset getting the seat area to hot. Still do to an extent with my touring car but don't put the top down on that as there is already to much breeze with the side curtains not in place , plus it takes at least 3 people to get the top down and up .

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