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New 1955 Century in Town

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Hello all! My name is Alex and I live in the SF Bay Area (CA).

Been obsessed with 50’s cars for ages. Finally found one that I could not resist: a 1955 Buick Century convertible! It was even the correct color!


I was told about the BCA by the seller and joined immediately. I have been enjoying the forum for the past few months. Figured I’d finally get an account so that I could post to the galleries. 

Looking forward to meeting fellow Buick fans. 


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3 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

Welcome Alex! And a Beautiful Buick, as well as a great picture. Looking forward to more posts! 

Thanks! Be careful what you ask for though. I’ve been itching to upload images since I joined...

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For those of you have been around a while and might have known the previous owners: the vehicle was purchased from Wallace Graner (from Austin, TX) who owned it for about 20 years.
The vehicle is an older restoration done by Leland Love of Grove Port, OH (mid- to late-1990s).
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I just noticed this.

Wallace’s car was in my shop for a long time. The 322 and Dynaflow came from Bob Coker’s pile of stuff I brought home with me.  
Anything good done to that car wasn’t done by Leland Love. 

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2 hours ago, buick5563 said:



Wallace told me about this surprise tribute to his late wife. That was a really nice touch!


The car is now named Bettie Kay to continue honoring her. 

Can I contact you to help figure out a few issues I’ve been dealing with?



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Alex is a good dude. I’m gonna get him to post in the Me and My Buick section. I’m sure he can get some gorgeous pics in SF of his beautiful car. 
Also, he may have gotten the coolest forum handle ever. I’m gonna look into a license plate with that on it. 

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5 hours ago, old-tank said:

Now that I am interested, don't go private.:(

Sorry about that old-tank. But it was much easier to talk offline.


Mike was able to let me know some of the things done to the car-- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Including letting me know that he installed a vapor lock switch that might help deal with some intermittent stalling issues I've had. Wish I knew what that switch did a few weeks ago... Let's just say I'm glad it stalled prior to getting on the freeway on-ramp and that I had enough momentum to get to the side of the road!


And since he asked for pics from SF, here's one from Napa. Figure that's close enough and I did not need to deal with as much traffic to get it.


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