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For Sale: NOS 1951-52 Packard trim


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This is an NOS piece of trim that I recall seeing on a '51 200 at Salado several years ago.
It is 15.75" long. One end is closed and tapered for door clearance; the other end is open. I suppose there was a short spear covering the end.
This unit has no dings, but does have fine scratches from 69 years of shelf shuffling. (A few other pieces of period trim that I have show remnants of cheap brown paper covers.
Undoubtedly, Packard never anticipated usage 69 years later. Heck, Packard had not even been in business 69 years.)

$30 + shipping.

P.S. This trim might fit other models. Packard rarely put part numbers on the trim, so I could only compare to what I saw on show cars.



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