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What's painted what?


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Does anyone know where I might obtain information on chassis and running gear detail for Model J Duesenberg? I've inspected numerous J's and each seem to be different, ie, some have painted the aluminum parts such as brake cover plates, transmission bottom pan, differential rear cover, while others have either polished these parts or left them raw. What was correct? Also, were any of the brake or chassis lube lines and fittings left natural, or were they painted with the chassis? Again I have seen both ways.

Any definative sourse for what is painted what, or what hardware should be cad plated, chromed plated or painted, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Marsh

Marsh's Unique Automotive Restorations



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Kevin, I agree that Randy Ema is the guy to contact if possible. I understand he has original engineering blueprints and other data at his disposal. I would guess documenting original finishes would be extremely difficult as by now every surviving Duesenburg has probably been disassembled and restored at least once or twice. I also would be interested in which J you are restoring. Todd C

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