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Post Office Insurance Advice Needed

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Despite what has been hinted at neither myself nor RENU USA made any mistakes in handling my gas tank. I delivered it to the post office on June 2 and on June 6 tracking no longer worked and it wasn't found until June 22nd when it was delivered to RENU. RENU called me on June 26th to let me know it was repaired and was being shipped back to me by Fedex that day. I received it an hour ago.


One final postscript to this story: RENU performed what I consider to be a miracle on this tank back in 2014 and told me it was guaranteed for 1 year only because it was in such terrible condition (note daylight pinholes in both halves). At that time I requested they NOT cover the outlet that sticks through the firewall with their plastic coating. My latest weep was probably caused by that decision even though it took 6 years to show up. RENU just did this latest repair FREE OF CHARGE !  That's pretty darned good customer service in my mind.


Howard Dennis




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I have purchased parts from suppliers that I don't recognize by sending cash. I have always received the package with the goods- even to USA from Down Under, on advice from a member who knew where I could get the product. Thanks 

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When I came home from overseas, I put several items in a box. Each one was wrapped and had my home address on it, these were put in a box with my address on it in large block letters, this box was inside another box that was addressed. This was a large box and they lost it! Had large jade statues, 2 bolts of pure silk, and about 24 rolls of exposed 35 mm film.  All lost, they offered me next to nothing for my loss and paid my just what I paid. I'd say they x rayed the box and knew what was in it.

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