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1938 Buick front fender spare tire mounts dual

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That 38 has a 37 front bumper and bumperettes on it.  What's with the windsheild wipers mounted above the windsheild?  What would be exposed on the inside to make them functional?

Is there any way of knowing it's a sixty series by the picture?  How many 40 series coupes came with side mounts.   


Lots of potential,  lots of money needed.   But I don't think they're making them anymore!  Lol.

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The car in the photo does have a few interesting deviations from original. It is a 40 Series. The width of the section of the hood between the side panels and the edge of the cowl are too narrow to be a 60 Series. It also clearly has a model designation that begins with "Sp" so it has to be a Special. 

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 The windshield wipers that are mounted above the windshield are electric. I mounted them there because after cleaning and remounting the vacuum wipers that did not improve the action very much, I then broke the chain drive  and in frustration, I went electric.

 The rt. side dual spare fender was made out of a regular fender although it had the tire mounts fastened to the frame when I recieved it.


 I mounted the body on a modified 88 Cadillac frame

 and used a 72 Buick engine with auto trans.

 The "fog" lights contain high and low beam headlights fron a 4 headlight system.

 The original lights were so poor that I could not see good enough to drive it in the rain even at 25 MPH.

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