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41 buick ignition coil

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I have recently been forced to acquire a 41 Super Sport coupe that has been taking up occupancy in a horse barn for a few decades. The ignition coil is dead and after some internet browsing it appears the coil is hard to come by. Does anyone know of a source for the OEM style or have ideas on how to use a regular top two terminal style without it looking terrible. I'm assuming the armored cable was an attempt to circumvent radio interference?



4156s coupe.jpg


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My 1940 Pontiac had a similar set up, so don’t limit your search to Buick’s. One scenario would be to have the wires exiting the cap down the side of the coil. To regular terminals.

good luck in your search.

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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Te armored cable was sort of a theft deterrent, there is a capacitor on the generator for radio interference.  There is a work around using  new coil.  Your old coil has the discharge connection on the top near the primary distributor wire.  The input connection is the one at the bottom of the old coil.  A new coil will have both connections on the top of the coil.  Extend your wire to reach the top of the new coil.


One failure that is common to this system is degradation of the insulation on the input wire inside the cap at the end of the armored cable.  Clipping the connector, then slipping heat shrink over the wire past the frayed insulation can buy you time.  After sitting for a long period of time, many of your electrical connections can become a problem.  Check your points, too.

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My '41 Limited is running a standard coil in place of the original coil and works just fine. I'm afraid I don't have a great photo of my setup but I'll walk out and take some shots later today and see what's there. To be honest, I never really looked at it very carefully, but I presume two new wires were routed to the coil, replacing the armored cable, just as it would have been on any car without the armored cable. Works fine and nobody ever notices since it's hidden behind the horns anyway. I never gave it a second thought and am pleased that it works as well as it does.


This is a photo from when I first got the car. The engine wiring is better but the coil remains the same.



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5 hours ago, flintbuick said:

 I'm assuming the armored cable was an attempt to circumvent radio interference?


No because my '17 has armored cable and radio wasn't invented yet. It was to protect the wire from road debris kicked up by the tires.

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