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Wtb Stromberg SF-2 carburetor 4 parts

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I'm cleaning up a Stromberg SF-2 carburetor.Its in great shape .BUT! there is one small jet missing.(dang).

This jet  screws down into the top flange..between a mounting bolt hole and throttle plate bore..

Anyone have a spare jet  to sell or less then choice carb that has this jet intact ,that I can extract?




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The hole is a vacuum source for a sandwich governor, if used on a truck with a sandwich governor. In which case, a restrictor with an orifice based on the application, was inserted into this hole.


If the carburetor is used on any vehicle without a sandwich governor, the restrictor is unnecessary.



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Thanks for confirming that for me.

Last night I studied it and it appeared to me it was some sort of metered vacuum port that is plug on the outside..





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