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Schebler Model D carb. needed

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Rand is a good guy, and I have done multiple transactions with him........you can't go wrong. Ed Minnie

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Al, the model D comes in several different sizes from 1/2" to 1 1/2". Do you know what size you're looking for?

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Layden, Do you have one of these carb's.?  These are an interesting design as with the right parts they can be up dtaft or side draft carb's.


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I have had several over the years but always passed them on as I had no need. 

Correction to my posting above, add 1/2" nominal size!

"right parts", just unbolt and switch!

Later they came with butterfly throttle.

Below may be of interest.






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Some say the model E is better than the model D though I can't remember why. The model E is much rarer. You do need to know what size you need before you buy. Slightly undersize will work better.

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