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Fitting body to frame 32 Commander 71

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This car has a frame X member that seems to stick up past the 'plane' of where the floor should be.  ANyone know if the floor had a notch cut out for it,  or do we just shim the body higher?  It has a 1/8 th rubber shim only all the way around....


This is the X member/ driveline loop, near the rear passenger floor.   Thanks in advance.

32 Comm metal work Frt Fend run boards, beak 060.jpg

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!! Thanks  !!  I started to fit the body with 1/4 inch rubber pads.  They are on the soft side and wondered how high the body should sit.


At the rear of the car, the gas tank filler panel / cover won't clear the gas filler/ slide under the body..  I was thinking to just shim it with something with less squish , then that X member wont be so high.    

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