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1912-1918 Buick Valve Spring Compressor


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7 minutes ago, Terry Wiegand said:

1924 is correct for a detachable head 6-Cylinder Buick.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas


But they still made a few 242's that year as well, I think. Not sure. I saw one at a show once model 48 coupe 1924 with the 242 it in.

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2 hours ago, Larry Schramm said:

That can be used on multiple years and models.    Also the ad is from New South Wales, Australia.

That’s correct Larry, it’s part of suburban Sydney, Australia. This gentleman has listed quite a few parts for early Buicks over the years but this was something I hadn’t seen elsewhere, so I thought it might be of interest to the group.

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5 hours ago, Ben P. said:

For whatever reason, I assumed this Buffum tool would work on the 1917/18 Buick 4-cyls. But since 6-cylinder and detachable head were specifically mentioned - is this correct Larry?

(The 4-cyls do have detachable heads)

I’ve been paying shop rate to have all of this work done on mine, but have been keeping an eye out for this tool thinking it was needed....



This Buffum tool is only for Buicks with valve cages, which means non-detachable head. My question was to find out what year the 6 cylinder with valve cages stopped, and it was 1924, during that year they made the new 255 engine with a detachable head, as well as the old 242 which had valve cages. 1925 was only detachable and 1923 was only valve cages. The 4 cylinder engines went to detachable heads much earlier. I think 1916 maybe.

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