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This is cool.









1934 Dodge DR Convertible Coupe Former "Best of Show"  -AACA Nationals- "First Place Winner" Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance  

Impressive, rare, and incredibly well preserved since the complete and accurate restoration prior to winning two of the most coveted Show awards in the country. At the time S. Ray Miller of Indiana was presenting his '34 Dodge DR at prestigious shows, he also owned and managed "One of the Ten Best Small Automobile Museums In the Country" -Car Collector Magazine. The resources to own the "Best" were at his disposal. He made several contributions of vehicles to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn Indiana. Failing health caused the sale of his remaining $6,000,000 collection in 2004. At that time, the buyer of this '34 DR paid $72,600.  A testament to the quality and integrity of the restoration is simply its current condition. Our seller has thoroughly enjoyed many moments of great pride of ownership with this beautiful "work of art" from the 1930s, and now, is ready to pass stewardship to the next fortunate owner. You will always love having this masterpiece within viewing distance, yes, although just as important, this Convertible Coupe is well sorted and is ready to enjoy driving immediately upon arrival to your door.
From our seller:
"Wow, it has been an honor to own this 1934 Dodge DR Convertible Coupe. There were only 1,239 of this model built, in 1934. This is an amazing, fully restored example of this beautiful body style. It is still as stunning today as it was when it was restored, and judged "Best of Show" at the Antique Automobile Club of America event and 1st Place Winner at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance in 1994. The two-tone yellow paint and pin stripping provide amazing accents and color contrast. The chrome is perfect and the 216 CID inline 6 cylinder engine and the 3-speed transmission work perfectly together. It is almost impossible to use the word perfect when it comes to selling any vehicle, but this vehicle for its age and condition comes very close."

Notable Highlights include:
Special Yellow with a Tan Convertible Top
"Natural" Brown Leather Interior
Rear Mounted Travel Trunk
Dual Side Mounted Spares w/Covers
Dual Horns and Headlights
Steel Spoke Wheels
Leaping Ram Hood Ornament (First Year)

Basic information available from searchable information sources:
1934 Dodge DR Deluxe Six Series Convertible Coupe
Type: DR Deluxe Six Series Convertible Coupé

Engine: 3569cc straight-6 L-Head

Power: 82 bhp / 3.600 rpm

Speed: 100 km/h

Production time: 1934

Production outlet: 1,239

Curb weight: 1380 kg

DR Models Two-door Business Coupe 8,723 R/S Coupe 5,323 Convertible Coupe 1,239 Sedan 7,308


Special Information:

- The 1934 Dodge lineup was typical of early 1930s styling, sharing some (Chrysler) corporate technical highlights like hydraulic brakes, synchromesh transmission, a new independent front suspension system, three trim levels, a new streamlined V-type radiator, skirted fenders in both the front and the rear, large bullet-shaped chrome plated headlamps (a pair of “Trippe” lights) and an unusual lever-operated two-way vent window, which disappeared after the 1934 model year.

- It also had a new “leaping ram” type hood ornament.

- It has a helical selective sliding three-speed manual gearbox (floor shift), wood grain dashboard, a Stromberg EX-22 single-barrel downdraft carburetor, a 6-Volts electric system, Delco-Remy distributor and coil ignition system, floor mats, dual external horns, a single plate power type dry disc clutch (9 7/8 inches), rubber step pads and rear-wheel drive.

- The steel chassis (X-type full frame with a double-drop bridge type and a seven-inch deep channel) has a steel body, a 117-inch wheelbase, a hood with three horizontal louvers, with lengths following the upper portion of the front fenders, worm & double roller steering (semi-irreversible), independent suspension with semi-elliptic leaf springs (protected with metal covers at the rear), hydraulic shock absorbers (front were double-acting), solid front axle and a semi-floating type live rear axle, internal four-wheel hydraulic 10 inches drum brakes and steel wheels, tire size 6.25 x 16.

- Steel spoke wheels were optional, selective cam-and-roller free-wheeling, both front and rear bumpers, metal "side mount" covers, bumper guards, a spot lamp, a chrome radiator shell, exterior rearview mirrors, metal spare tire cover, body pinstriping, and special paint.


From Hemmings Motor News/Hemmings Classic Car (May 2008):
For the 1934 model year, Dodges were heavier, longer, and had more powerful engines than their predecessors. The basic Dodge, the DR "DeLuxe" series, had a 117-inch wheelbase, while the larger, more expensive DS "DeLuxe Special" series rode on a longer 121-inch wheelbase; both models have large teardrop-shaped headlamp nacelles, styled hood louvers and skirted fenders, which make these cars very attractive.

A lower-priced model created to meet the needs of the Depression-era market was the DRXX "Standard Six;" it was offered with a painted radiator shell, no safety glass, and no pinstriping. However, according to John Bittance, editor of Dodge Brothers Club News, "the DRXX wasn't very popular, probably because it was just $20 less than a DR model."Within its price class, these Dodge models offered a heavier frame, all-steel body and Chrysler-engineered engine, transmission, suspension, and hydraulic brakes, including full cooling and oiling systems. "This is why Dodge Brothers cars were preferred by performance demonstrators, such as the Hell Drivers," John said.While the aftermarket for Dodges may not be as strong as that for the early Ford V-8 models, there are plenty of enthusiasts and used parts out there to help restore and maintain a '34 Dodge.Here at Hemmings, we have a 1934 Dodge panel truck that has made three cross-country treks in the last four years; we competed with it in The Great Race and experienced no mechanical breakdowns. This panel truck shares the same straight-six engine and mechanicals as the sedans, so we know firsthand just how reliable and durable these Dodges are.
Vin: 3709215
Body Number: DR20071S
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Looks like it really did poorly at auction.  Reserve not met with a top bid of $31,800.

Reserves always seem to hold back interest and bidding on alot of items,  especially on ebay.  I admit I often don't watch items with reserves much less bid on them.  

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10 hours ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

Thought AJ might go slumming a bit and grab this one up for some touring, it doesn't even need tires. 


I like it a lot Steve including the color.  But maybe it is too bright for some folks?

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I like the color as well AJ.  Yellow is interesting in that on the right car its sporty, not overly feminine and works well with certain body styles.  I had a mimosa yellow TR 6, after getting used to it I thought the color was perfect.  Not sure if 100% accurate here, but not unlike a yellow Jr. Packard roadster, this is not a bad color for this car imho.  Maybe a shade too bright, again not sure.   Blackwalls work well with it also.

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